New & Existing Patients

Pediatric and Adult Allergist & Allergy and Immunology

New Patient Registration

To become a patient of the practice please complete the new patient registration form.  Our patient engagement team will reach out within two business days to schedule your first appointment.  We are not able to schedule an appointment without the completion of the new patient registration.  Omitting any of the details on the registration may delay this process.   


Please send us a message using our Contact Form or by using the patient portal.  

Schedule an appointment (currently available for allergy and biologic injections)

Only certain appointment types can be scheduled online.  Currently we are accepting scheduling requests for the following areas: 

Allergy and Biologic Injections

Patient Portal

Click here Patient Portal to utilize our online patient portal. Please download the Healow app to utilize the portal on your mobile device.  This is a new portal as of January 1st, 2024 and requires new registration.   Our practice ID is ABECBD. 

Release Of Records 

Click here Records Release Form to download the form necessary to request another doctor's office to submit records to our office. Completed release of records requests can be emailed to contact@theallergydoc.com or faxed to 248-363-3455.

School Forms, Letters and other Documents 

All requests for school forms must be accompanied by the following form (School Form). This form must be fully completed and returned via email to aaiforms@gmail.com.  If you have school specific forms and/or medication administration forms those must be submitted at the same time as the school form request.  All forms must be in pdf form.  We are not able to produce any forms submitted in other formats.  All complete requests will receive an invoice for the associated charges.  Once paid the forms request will begin processing.  As always if the patient has not had a visit with their Physician or PA in the last year an appointment will be needed before forms can be processed.

FMLA paperwork, disability documents and other letters should be submitted to aaiforms@gmail.com.  Our office will review the request, provide an electronic invoice and complete documentation once paid.  

Prescription Refill Request

You may send a request for a prescription refill through the new Patient Portal or by sending an email to contact@theallergydoc.com.  Prescription requests must contain patient name, date of birth, name of the medicine being requested and pharmacy name and phone number.   If you are requesting epinephrine you MUST include the patient's current weight.  Missing information will prevent us from completing your request in a timely manner.  No prescription requests will be accepted over the phone or by the after hours on call physicians .  Please allow 2 business days for refill requests.  

Billing Questions

Billing for services provided prior to 1/1/2024 are currently managed by Coronis Health.  When you have a balance due you will receive a prompt from Collectly to view and pay your balance.  

Billing for services provided after 1/1/2024 are managed by Marshall Medical Billing.  When you have a balance due for services provided after 1/1/2024 you will receive statement prompts in your patient portal.  You will be able to make payments through the portal, through the healow app when checking in, at kiosks in our office or with patient engagement directly.   

Balances from our previous system are now associated with your accounts.  

Please direct any billing questions you may have to the practice manager by LMayer@theallergydoc.com or by calling 248-468-1575.  


Scheduled office closures 2024

February 22nd and 23rd

March 14th and 18th

May 27th

June 19th and 27th

July 1st, 4th and 5th

August 1st, 2nd and 5th

September 2nd

November 4th

November 28th

December 24th, 25th 31st 

January 1st (2025)